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Introducing Mantra Lingua's viVOS, the device that lets you play audio from paper!
Meaning ‘bringing to life’ in Portuguese, viVOS is a revolutionary device that transforms paper resources into multimedia ones, easily. We call viVOS an Artframe for creative learning. Take any A4 or A3 paper and draw with ordinary pencils, pens, paints. Collage with glitter, sandpaper, foil, anything really to create a multi-sensory learning experience.  Everything from graphs and diagrams to maps, photos and paintings, whether printed or hand-drawn, can be enhanced with ease: simply define any space as a hotspot and allocate your audio or video content with the viVOS Software. Create your multimedia publication in minutes– no programming required. Or, if you do not want to use computers, just touch 'Rec' then touch anywhere on your paper and make your voice recording. Tap with fingers to playback! As easy as that. viVOs is so easy that you can fully concentrate on your publication!

This innovative combination of multi-modal learning makes viVOS a valuable educational tool that allows pupils of different learning styles to work together more productively. 

One hotspot can hold 4 levels of content: self recording, pre-recorded mp3 files, video/still photos/url refs, and lastly, playback pre-recorded mp3 files in different languages! For audio only the viVOS artframe does not need a computer; for videos, vivos connnects with a dongle. Pupils can work on projects collaboratively, researchers can replace the dreaded bookmarks and keep all their url references on one page. Just tap and enter the webpage instantly. Language learners can learn  to describe a scene at progressive levels of sophistication. They can also practice pronunciation. 

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